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A monthly meetup for the lovers of film.


Lovers of all things film come together to watch cinemas highest art. Shown in an intimate setting located at the Candy Factory to a moderate sized crowd allows for a shared experience of film.


After viewing the film attendees are encouraged to hangout a discuss the film. Ad hoc discussion on technique, genre, metaphor, cinematography, factoids of note, and all this relevant to film. If you love discussing movies and getting new insights from people stick around after the credits.


This isn't just about the organizers. This is a community driven meetup. Lead a discussion, suggest/vote on films to view, submit a film you worked on. This is a bottom-up organization, by film lovers, of film lovers, and for film lovers.

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This is the list of films watched to date.


"The longest journey begins with the smallest step."

  • January 2017

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The format and name were born over a few drinks. From this initial spark the fire of Tabula was born!

  • May 2017

    Our First Official Meeting

    We partnered with the Candy Factory to be our official location. We sent out a call to cinemaphiles everywhere and they came to watch and discuss.

  • December 2017

    End Year Screening

    We made it through 2017. Ending on a high note of classic film, good dark beer, and warm bodies and hearts. See you next year!

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Tim Heller


Rob Fisher


Tabula team is always looking for volunteers to take help with various overhead tasks. If you feel you have the desire and skills to make this a little easier for us please contact us below. We'd appreciate any help we can get.

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